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(Well, just me actually)

Welcome to The Beau Monde, a comprehensive online jewellery and watch forum, brought to you by Ms Sam Gillespie. From an early age I have been fascinated by fine jewellery and watches, particularly those with historical provenance.

English Conversation About Jewelry
English Conversation About Jewelry

After my first Christmas job in a local high street jewellers, I knew I had found my calling. I chose not to go to university and instead went straight to London’s diamond district (Hatton Garden), blank CV in hand.

Over the next ten years, I progressed from diamonds and precious stones to dealing in high end, luxury watch brands such as A. Lange & Sohne, Breguet, Patek Philippe and Rolex.

But overtime it has become clear to me that I am not suited to mainstream retail.
I have a genuine passion for the craftsmanship and the beauty in the precious pieces that I sell.
I believe in being authentic and transparent with my clients, unlike those who are driven by commission or sales targets.

Having dealt privately for some time now, I wanted to create a platform where people could buy jewellery without the connotations of elitism you find in some traditional jewellers.
Fine Jewellery and Luxury Timepieces are not impulse purchases. I want my clients to be well informed and aware of their options before they make such an important investment.

Alongside the array of exceptionally crafted pieces available via The Boutique, The Beau Monde Archive is an ongoing source of educational material relating to jewellery and watches.

All information, photographs and videos featured on this site have been sourced from the general internet and social media accounts.  I will always do my utmost to give credit where credit is due but if, by some unfortunate oversight, I do feature copyrighted material, please get in touch and I will rectify this immediately. Please note I do use adverts and affiliate links on this site. I am very selective with my advertising partners but if you feel they are too intrusive, again, please contact me.