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Proclamation of King Frederik X of Denmark The Royal Watcher Podcast

Special Guests Jakob and Kaspar joined Saad Salman (Editor of The Royal Watcher) and Sam Gillespie (Editor of The Beau Monde) to recall their experiences of being in Copenhagen for the Proclamation of King Frederik X of Denmark following the Abdication of Queen Margrethe II. Jakob is @Jakreg76 on Twitter and @187_cm on Instagram! Kaspar is @kalles_bijoux on Instagram! You can find us on social media as ‘The Royal Watcher’ [@saadsalman719 on Twitter and @the_royal_watcher on Instagram], as well as on royalwatcherblog.com, while Sam (https://thebeaumonde.org/) is @thebeaumonde.inc on Instagram.
  1. Proclamation of King Frederik X of Denmark
  2. Queen Margrethe of Denmark is Abdicating!
  3. Royal Jewels at Le Bal des Débutantes
  4. The Wedding of Infanta Maria Francisca de Bragança
  5. Royal Tiaras at the Korean State Banquet